Rebecca Epworth

  • MSc (Eng) Environmental and Wastewater Engineering – University of Leeds, 2004
  • MSc Environmental Engineering – University of Newcastle Upon Tyne, 2003
  • BSc (Hons) Animal Science Hons Wildlife Biology – University of Newcastle Upon Tyne, 2002

Rebecca has over 20 years of professional experience stemming from an environmental engineering background. Rebecca has extensive consulting experience specialising in water resource management, water policy and legislation, total water cycle management, water scarcity, water quality treatment, wastewater management, hydrology and flooding, and water sustainable urban design (WSUD).

Rebecca provides expert advice to the private sector and Government departments on large scale residential and commercial land development, as well as industrial projects, extractive resource projects, agricultural and viticultural projects, and infrastructure and construction projects.

Rebecca’s experience and technical expertise includes drainage assessments, hydrological and hydrogeological investigations and management solutions, water quality treatment solutions and urban water reporting components. Primarily finding solution-based outcomes for total water cycle management and navigating the State strategic water planning and legislative approval processes.

Rebecca is the current President of the Stormwater Industry Association WA, a former UDIA Councilor and former Chair of the urban water committee, a current member of the UDIA urban water committee, the former Chair of New WAter Ways and an accredited benchmarking provider for Water Sensitive Cities.


  • President – Stormwater Industry Association WA
  • National committee member – Stormwater Industry Association
  • UDIA Expert Pool – Urban Water
  • Former Chairperson – New WAter Ways
  • Former UDIA WA Councillor and Chair of Urban Water Committee
  • Water Sensitive Cities – Accredited Index, TDF and MAF provider
    R Epworth Profile Photo
    R Epworth Profile Photo


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