Bushfire risk assessment and planning

Urbaqua provide bushfire risk assessment and management services which are consistent with State Planning Policy 3.7: Planning for Bushfire Risk Management (SPP 3.7) and the revised Planning for Bushfire Risk Management Guidelines. We undertake bushfire hazard level assessments, bushfire attack level assessments and prepare Bushfire Management Plans to support proposals for rezoning, subdivision and development, recognising the level of assessment and information which is required to support each type of proposal.

Recommended measures will aim to mitigate the inherent bushfire risk to life, property and the environment and achieve a suitable and effective bushfire management outcome for the site. This will be achieved by meeting performance criteria and associated acceptable solutions in accordance with Planning for Bushfire Risk Management Guidelines (WAPC, 2017). Urbaqua also notes that although management measures are considered to mitigate bushfire risk, there is a need for individual landowners to protect their property, noting that during a bushfire event, fire appliances may not be available to protect each house.

Due to our strong ties to the Department of Planning, Lands and Heritage, Urbaqua is able to remain in touch with the latest recommendations for the assessment and management of bushfire risk. We ensure that our recommendations are consistent with the intent of the policy and regulations. We recognise the different characteristics of urban and peri-urban areas and will seek to ensure liveability and ecological outcomes can be delivered together with appropriate bushfire risk management.

Example projects:

  • Bushfire management plan, Lots 1 & 2374 Wanneroo Rd, Maddeley
  • Bushfire management plan, Lots 16 & 22 Wollaston Ave, Haynes
  • Bushfire management plan, Springtime Riverside, Haynes
  • Bushfire management plan, Lot 8634 Banrock Drive, Ellenbrook
  • Bushfire Hazard Level Assessment for Lots 246 & 272 Forrest Rd, Fitzroy Crossing
  • Bushfire Management Plan for Golden Gateway Structure Plan
  • Bushfire Management Plan, Lot 1766 Matison Street, Southern River
  • MKSEA Precincts 2 & 3 Bushfire Management Plan
  • Bushfire management plan for Southern River Precinct 3F
  • Bushfire Hazard Level Assessment Lots 1739, 1740 & 9075 Holmes St & 9075 Lander St, Gosnells
  • Bushfire Hazzard Level Assessment, Lots 6-10 & 14 Skippers Row, Bayswater
  • Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) Assessment Report, Lot 858 Webb Grove, Haynes
  • BAL reports for 563 Bin Sallik and 577 Gularr, Broome