Introducing SammEE


SammEE is the Shallow Aquifer Management Model by Essential Environmental. It models local groundwater levels in a controlled (engineered) system. It was developed in response to increasing development in low-lying areas affected by shallow groundwater and high costs associated with importing sand fill.

This purpose built 1-dimensional dynamic model allows assessment of key issues which need to be understood in order to provide a representation of groundwater levels under various elements of urban form when connected to shallow groundwater systems. The use of this simple and robust model can facilitate a better understanding of the local water balance and thereby provide a greater level of confidence when designing to appropriate groundwater separations.

The model has been designed with the ability to apply an extended time series of rainfall data which can be historic data obtained from the Bureau of Meteorology or future climate data obtained from the Department of Water. This makes it an ideal tool for use in conjunction with the Institute of Public Works Engineers Australia Specification: Separation distances for groundwater controlled urban development (IPWEA 2016). You can download the specification here.

The specification provides criteria (specifications) for groundwater separations appropriate to acceptable levels of risk and amenity for critical elements of built form and infrastructure. It provides guidance regarding appropriate methodology (design) for assessment and approval of groundwater levels and separations in controlled (engineered) groundwater systems in urban areas.

We offer SammEE free for use by non-commercial users (government, students and education). Users with a commercial interest are provided with a trial license and required to purchase a license if they are going to use outputs for commercial purposes.

We are confident that SammEE can assist our industry in better understanding shallow groundwater systems.

Please email us at for more information and to obtain your free non-commercial or trial version of the software.