We’re excited to announce the formation of Urbaqua – a not-for-profit enterprise, that will work to support agencies in WA to deliver a water and environmentally sensitive future for our great state.

Urbaqua is an evolution of the services provided by our existing and well-established consultancy ‘Essential Environmental’

As a not-for-profit organisation, Urbaqua Ltd provides a formal structure and greater ability to extend beyond consultancy services to help form partnerships and support research to deliver better outcomes on the ground, providing support at all levels to government, industry and the community.

Our vision is to provide practical technical solutions and trustworthy peer support to deliver a water and environmentally sensitive future for our WA community, ensuring safe and sustainable access to water for drinking, growing food, and having fun.

Our strategy has been developed to deliver elements of the Perth and Peel Green Growth Plan for 3.5 million (Dec 2015), the Minister for Water’s Water Innovation Advisory Group Report and Shaping Perth as a Water Sensitive City: Outcomes and perspectives from a participatory process to develop a vision and strategic transition framework (CRCWSC Project 4.2). We will identify opportunities to access grant funding and form partnerships based on win-win outcomes. Please view our project page for the first round of possible projects!

We invite you to join Urbaqua in this journey. Please contact us for advice regarding your opportunities to move towards a water sensitive city. We can assist you to optimise solutions and retrofits with monitoring, technical advice and modelling, developing partnerships and seeking funding/resources for project delivery. We hope to hear from you soon.

Dr Garry Middle, Helen Brookes & Shelley Shepherd
Urbaqua Ltd
November 2016


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