The great Urbaqua/Coterra water conjunction

Brand spanking new team: Urbaqua directors Shelley Shepherd, Rebecca Epworth & Helen Brookes

Urbaqua has officially expanded its ranks by welcoming in the Coterra water team, headed by Principal Environmental Engineer Rebecca Epworth. Rebecca will also be joining the Urbaqua board as Director. She will also be joined by her now official office dog and talisman, Mika.

The Coterra water team brings with them a wealth of experience and knowledge, particularly in the areas of water resource management, water policy and legislation, total water cycle management, water scarcity, water quality treatment, wastewater management, hydrology and flooding, and water sustainable urban design (WSUD), as well as a swag of their own awards, most recently the 2020 Stormwater WA Excellence in Strategic or Master Planning,  2018 Australian Water Association (WA) Water Sensitive Urban Design award, 2018 UDIA (WA) Environmental Excellence award, 2017 Stormwater WA Excellence in Strategic or Master Planning, 2017 UDIA (WA) Envirodevelopment Chairman’s Choice Award.

Bec and her dog (now official office talisman) Mika

We look forward to working together as a new and improved team! Please get in touch with us if you have any questions at: