Support to the Land Development in Groundwater Constrained Landscapes Steering Group

Project aims

This project provides technical and administrative support to the Development in Groundwater Constrained Environments Steering Group (GSG).

The GSG was established by IPWEA and WALGA in 2015 to assist local governments and industry to address issues facing development in areas constrained by high groundwater. The agencies on the GSG work in a highly collaborative manner to produce industry-ready tools to improve outcomes. The agencies include WALGA, IPWEA, the Departments of Planning, Lands and Heritage, Water and Environmental Regulation and Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions, DevelopmentWA, Water Corporation, the Urban Development Institute of Australia (WA), Housing Industry Association and the local governments of Mandurah, Gosnells, Murray, Swan, Cockburn, Armadale, Kwinana, Serpentine-Jarrahdale, Stirling, South Perth and Rockingham.

Project progress and key achievements of the GSG:

2016 – Collaborative development and release of Specification: Separation distances for groundwater controlled urban development

2017– Collaborative development of Sub-soil drainage recommended requirements.

2018 – Preparation of a discussion paper and guidance on alternatives to the use of soakwells for better outcomes on small lots

2019 – Investment from members in an on-going program of research. Scopes of work prepared for agreed research priorities

2019 – Review and re-commitment to Steering Group Terms of Reference (with minor modification)

2020 – Work with the Cooperative Research Centre for Water Sensitive Cities Expert Panel on IRP5: Knowledge-based water sensitive city solutions for groundwater impacted developments

2020 – consideration of findings of Expert Panel report to guide next area of focus of the SG.

2021 – preparation of Code of Practice for urban and peri-urban drainage modelling in WA

Project members

  • Institute of Public Works Engineers Australasia
  • Western Australian Local Government Association
  • Department of Planning, Lands and Heritage
  • Department of Water and Environmental Regulation
  • Housing Industry Association
  • Urban Development Industry Association
  • WA Chapter of the Association of Hydraulic Services Consultants, Australia
  • Water Corporation

Member commitments

  • Nominate a knowledgeable high level representative, and proxy to attend meetings
  • Attend meetings as required, initially monthly during project establishment
  • Communicate to and coordinate responses from staff within their organisation
  • Keep discussions confidential, excluding internal organisation communications

Meetings are convened according to the needs of the work program.