Walk 4 Water

You may find Essential Environmental team members wandering a little aimlessly around the place in mid-March. It may be somewhat surprising, but it’s not because we’re trying to get fit/promote sustainability/find the quickest way to the new pub. In fact our team has committed to walking 10,000 steps a day for five days to raise funds for WaterAid Australia as part of its ‘Walk 4 Water’ campaign. That’s a lot of steps. We even get our own pedometers so we can’t cheat (and we promise not to attach it to the family dog!).


That’s cheating
(Source: http://bitsandpieces.us/2013/01/29/walking-the-dog-7/#)

Held between the 17th – 21st March, the campaign aims to raise funds to help WaterAid provide communities with access to safe water and sanitation.

10,000 steps is considered the average distance walked every day just to reach water in the developing world. We know we need safe water to live (something we do not truly appreciate until it’s gone, as the citizens of Charleston, West Virignia in the U.S. recently experienced), yet appallingly, 1 in 10 of the world’s population still does not have access to it. Water gathering is predominately undertaken by women and children, depriving women of time to earn a living and children of an education.  On top of that, the weight of water that women in Africa and Asia carry is commonly 20kg, the same weight as an average car tyre. Not that we are required to carry car tyres with us during the campaign which we are all very grateful for!

So please sponsor our team, the “Wandering Essentials”, by clicking on the button below and help us reach our $1,000 target to provide WaterAid with the financial support it needs to run its programs to provide safe water and sanitation to those who need it the most:

Sponsor us

If we can do our bit to help provide these basic services to others worse off than us and make our target, then all the blisters, moaning and groaning about walking in the Australian sun, and worn soles will be worth it!

For further information, please visit the WaterAid Australia website.


Thank you for your support!