The Precipitation Situation

So far we’re 110 days into the year and here in Perth we’ve had 118.6 mm of rainfall over 13 days.

So how are we tracking?

Photo 6-6-17, 11 23 36

Snapped by Alex in Muchea

For reference, the average total rainfall at the Perth Metro weather station from the start of the year to the end of April is 90 mm (median = 43.5 mm). So we’re sitting above average, no worries right?

Well, consider that only 12.6 mm has fallen outside of the January rainfall event related to Cyclone Joyce. That means that despite being on-par with the average rainfall we’re actually having a relatively dry year.

The forecast rain this weekend is arriving just on time, with around 15 mm forecast for Saturday and Sunday. Here’s to hoping our gardens get the refreshing drink they’re craving.