Riding out the Storm

On the 9th October 2012 New WAter Ways hosted Mr Kelly Norris of Essential Environmental to lead a group of 19 participants through an introductory session on stormwater management practices. Representatives of Natural Resource Management groups, utilities, local and state government and consultants attended the training session.

Stormwater management that incorporates Water Sensitive Urban Development (WSUD) principles is a key component of achieving better urban water management. Kelly outlined the principles of better stormwater management and provided guidance on how practices should be applied in the management of storm events, via a treatment train approach applied at different scales. The information was largely based on the Stormwater Management Manual for WA (DoW, 2004–2007).

Participants identified a number of significant issues associated with the achievement of best practice stormwater management including:

  • How can retrofit designs be integrated into existing urban developments?;
  • Can swales in biofiltration systems be maintained without use of fertilisers/chemicals, which can create other problem?;
  • Lack of stormwater management planning in local government;
  • Lack of developer involvement in stormwater management design and implementation.

Stormwater management in Western Australia can be a controversial issue – are there any comments as to what issues need to be addressed to best implement best practice measures? Let the storm begin!

Box culverts, Pinjarra, Shire of Murray (Source: Essential Environmental)