Establishing Peel Regional Park

Project aims

To consider options and opportunities for the establishment of Peel Regional Park including:

  1. How far into the catchment is it necessary to extend the park to achieve desired environmental protection outcomes?
  2. What are the opportunities for recreational and tourism uses within and fringing the regional park?

Project outline:

This project will prepare a series of concept design plans for drains discharging to the Peel Harvey estuary identifying opportunities for riparian restoration and creation of tourism and recreation destinations and linkages in the Shires of Murray, Waroona and Harvey.

The project will also consider the creation of a network of walk trails and cycleways connecting restored waterways and wetlands to other recreation and tourism destinations throughout the Peel region.



The project will include the following specific phases:

  1. Desktop review and evaluation of catchment including review of available site information, previous studies, survey data, and topographic information to identify key uncertainties and parameters required to undertake a hydrologic assessment.
  2. Site inspection to ground-truth findings from the desktop review and confirm opportunities for riparian restoration and tourism and recreational linkages.
  3. Assessment of hydraulic performance and erosion risk criteria including review of in-stream flow velocities, bank slopes and vegetation cover.
  4. Establishment of a basis for design including objectives and criteria to guide the development of conceptual designs.
  5. Identification of reach management themes consistent with the opportunities and constraints present in each reach of the drain and development of conceptual proposals for riparian restoration and creation of tourism and recreational destinations and linkages.
  6. Physical works.
  7. Monitoring of the impacts of the works to establish the risks and potential benefits of more widespread works.

Project benefits & beneficiaries

  • WA State government – this project is expected to contribute to the delivery of commitment number 90 of the State Government’s Green Growth Plan: Action Plan F MNES Conservation Commitments and commitment number 35 of the State Government’s Green Growth Plan: Action Plan G State Environmental Objectives. the project will provide concepts for riparian zone restoration and water quality improvements and support establishment and management of the Peel Regional Park.
  • Water Corporation – this project will contribute to the Water Corporations recent commitment to deliver improved environmental and liveability outcomes associated with their ongoing management of drainage systems.
  • Local Government – this project will provide the Shires of Murray, Waroona, Harvey with guidance for riparian restoration and management to contribute to the improvement of water quality within the Peel Harvey estuary system. Additionally, the project will identify local and district scale opportunities for recreation and tourism.
  • Landowners – the project will assist landowners in understanding the impacts and opportunities of their current and potential future land uses and provide guidance on ways that land use change can positively contribute to water quality improvements.

Project cost and timeframe

The approximate expected cost per drain for the completion of stages 1 to 5 of this project is $12,000 and they can be completed in a timeframe of approximately 3 months with up to three occurring concurrently. The cost of subsequent stages is dependent on the extent and nature of works recommended and will be established on completion of task 2.

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