Creating a blue-green network for Perth

Project aims:

To address water quality directly impacting the Middle Canning River or its tributaries by engaging with the community and reimaging part of the drainage system that flows into the Swan-Canning system. It will improve community knowledge about Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD) and the opportunities for drainage reform and creation of Living Streams throughout the catchment.

Project progress:

In consultation with partners

Project outline:

We propose to host 2 community events (workshops), one in the Swan River catchment and one in the Canning River catchment, to get people actively engaged in opportunities to retrofit drainage systems and turn them into multi-functional spaces that provide benefits for the community and the environment. We want the local community to come up with designs for real places in their community.

The workshop would be held on a week night or weekend to maximise the ability for the community to participate. It will provide some background about how we manage stormwater in Perth and what water sensitive urban design is about. We will show some examples of other drains that have been transformed then work though a local case study (or two), discussing options, to produce a preliminary concept design.

Elements that will be explored will include:

  • Capacity of the drainage system
  • Water quality
  • Safety and access
  • Open space function
  • Biodiversity
  • Infrastructure opportunities and constraints
  • Management and maintenance
  • Construction cost

The preliminary concept could then be considered by the drainage asset owner for future implementation.


Project partners

This project wouldn’t be possible without the financial support of Perth NRM.








We would also like to than the following organisations for their valuable input and commitment to this project:




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