Creating a blue-green network for Perth

Project aims:

  1. to demonstrate the opportunities of urban drainage systems as ecological and community corridors.
  2. to change community perception and use of drainage systems.
  3. to define and undertake pilot projects to convert drainage assets into community/environmental assets.

Project progress:

In consultation with partners

Project outline:

This project will aim to demonstrate the potential opportunities for urban greening associated with drainage infrastructure maximising benefits to the environment and community. The project will identify sites in the City of Canning with poor amenity and walkability where opportunities for drainage system modifications to provide improved connectivity, amenity and environmental outcomes.

Three sites will be selected as pilot locations for this project with the potential for further sites to be included in future. The project will include the following specific phases:

  1. Desktop review and evaluation of sites including review of available site information, previous studies, survey data, and topographic information.
  2. Site inspection to ground-truth findings from the desktop review and confirm opportunities.
  3. Establishment of a basis for design including objectives and criteria to guide the development of conceptual designs for three selected sites.
  4. Physical works.
  5. Monitoring of the impacts of the works to establish the risks and potential benefits of more widespread works.


Project benefits & beneficiaries

  • WA State government – this project is expected to contribute to the delivery of commitments number 9, 34, 35 and 49 of the State Government’s Green Growth Plan: Action Plan G State Environmental Objectives. The project will aim to improve habitat connectivity and ecological linkages and support human health and amenity values in existing and proposed urban areas as well as improving drainage water quality.
  • Water Corporation – this project will contribute to the Water Corporations recent commitment to deliver improved environmental and liveability outcomes associated with their ongoing management of urban drainage systems.
  • Local Government – The City of Canning have demonstrated their commitment to improving the amenity and liveability of the City Centre and maximising the benefits of urban waterways within the City through the development of the Canning Activity Centre and Queens Park Structure Plans and associated studies. This project provides an opportunity to build on this work and create the active, high amenity city centre community that is desired.
  • Landowners and developers – Landowners in the City of Canning will benefit from improvements to the amenity and liveability of the City through increased land value and improved redevelopment opportunities.

Project partners

We would like to than the following organisations for their valuable input and commitment to this project:




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