Establishing a coordinated program for post-development urban water monitoring

Project aims

  1. Develop a coordinated program to monitor the performance of water sensitive urban design (WSUD) assets and systems.
  2. Optimise effectiveness of post development monitoring undertaken by the development industry.
  3. Generate relevant and robust data which documents the performance of WSUD systems.

Project progress:

Seeking program partners

Project outline

This project will optimise the delivery of post development monitoring to provide accurate data on the performance of WSUD systems and assets, including maintenance requirements.

Key stakeholders including the development industry are keen to see improvements in the way in which post development monitoring for WSUD is currently occurring.

Development of a coordinated program to monitor the performance of WSUD systems will:

  • Provide sufficient data to Local Governments to enable them to effectively manage the urban water systems in their municipality; and
  • Provide relevant, available and robust data which is able to be used to describe the performance of WSUD systems in various soil types and conditions across Western Australia, to support the continued use of the “deemed to comply” approach for the assessment of urban water management systems.

Key elements of the project which will be explored to optimise delivery and outputs include:

  • Program design and implementation including data collection and sharing;
  • Fees, costs and resourcing;
  • Risk assessment and management; and
  • Program performance and reporting.

Project benefits & beneficiaries

WA State government – this project will provide data on the performance of urban water management systems and assets under WA conditions which can be used to review and update technical guidelines and criteria including the Urban Nutrient Decision Outcomes tool.

Local Government – The information obtained from the program will be tailored to answer specific local government questions regarding performance and maintenance which are then able to be extrapolated into new projects and development areas.

Developers – will contribute to the science supporting the delivery of water sensitive cities in WA. This project will maximise the benefit of developer commitments to the monitoring of urban water management systems.

Project cost and timeframe

It is anticipated that the design and administration of the project will be funded through contributions paid by developers in lieu of post development monitoring. The cost of the program will aim to be 60 – 80% of current costs incurred by developers. This fee will include costs for program design, implementation, data entry and data analysis.

It is anticipated that agreement between all stakeholders can be reached within 3 months. Monitoring will occur as appropriate in response to installation of selected WSUD assets.

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