Perth WaterAid 2018 Quiz Night masters!



The WA WaterAid committee held its inaugural quiz night fundraiser last week, on 13th September 2018 at the Hellenic Club in Northbridge. With Master of Ceremonies being none other than the awesome Department of Water & Environmental Regulation Director-General, Mike Rowe, it was a cracking good night with representation from all the finest members of the both water and non-water industry and many prizes, arguments over questions, and delicious food and drink seeming to flow endlessly!

The event was held to raise money to WaterAid support projects with local partners to provide access to clean water, decent toilets and good hygiene to some of our closest overseas neighbours (the essentials to ensure that all children can go to school, men and women can work and remove communities from the trap of poverty).

But to top off such a splendid event, it was none other than the quiz-pros at URBAQUA (with a bit of help from family and friends) who proved they could see off everyone else in quiz-battle. As well as coming away with a huge stash of goodies, Urbaqua will also be honoured on the very special toilet seat ‘trophy’ to commemorate our victory forever more.

Urbaqua managed to pull away from the pack by knowing the answer to a few of the more curlier questions, such as:

  • What is the Noongar word for water?; (Kep)
  • Name 2 of the 6 existing Western Australian water acts which are proposed to be consolidated into the forth-coming Water Resources Management Bill (answers are here if you’re really interested!); and
  • Which three male artists performed the 1993 hit song, “All for Love” from the soundtrack to The Three Musketeers movie? (Bryan Adams, Sting & Rod Stewart if you’re interested. Urbaqua only managed to get two out of the three actually.)

Thank you so much to the amazing WA WaterAid committee for putting in all the hard yards to make the event such a success, as well as to Mike Rowe for his support and time, and to the sponsors (including TRILITY and Suez) for all the fabulous prizes on offer!

We’re looking forward to going for a back-to-back win next year!

WaterAid quiz night 2018.jpeg