New members join the EE Tribe!

Essential Environmental has significantly expanded its tribe in the last month by not one, but two engineers: Bedilu Wolelo and Bojan Markoski.

We are very lucky to have Bedilu and Bojan join our team and bolster the office’s hydrologic and hydraulic modelling capabilities (as well as our female:male ratio!).  It probably goes without saying that Helen and Shelley have put the guys straight to work, and they are already knee deep in drainage models for developments in metropolitan Perth and Byford.

Introducing Bedilu and Bojan……

One of Essential Environmental's newest members: Bedilu Wolelu

Bedilu Wolelo – Senior engineer/hydrologist

Bedilu graduated with a Bachelor of Science and Civil Engineering from Addis Ababa University in Ethiopia. Bedilu worked in the capital Addis and south of Ethiopia for over 6 years primarily in the area of structural design and project management. After coming to Australia in the 90s to study Project Management, Bedilu found himself staying and going on to complete TWO Masters degrees in Project Management (from the University of South Australia) and in Engineering Science in Water Resources (from the University of New South Wales).

Bedilu has worked in a number of local governments and consultancies across Australia and is particularly proud of some of the significant projects he has worked on, including the Pacific Highway upgrade Ballina Bypass in NSW, the Port Hedland inner harbour railroad expansion project – hydrologic and hydraulic modelling, and the North Galilee Basin Rail hydrologic and hydraulic modelling review.

Bedilu is passionate about hydrologic and hydraulic modelling and developments in WSUD, and considers himself a professional student with plans to continue studying well into old age (with so many degrees, he puts the rest of us to shame)!

One of Essential Environmental's newest members: Bojan Markoski

Bojan Markoski – Civil engineer

Bojan recently graduated with a Bachelor of Engineering (Civil) degree with honours. Before and during his time at university, Bojan worked for a number of organisations where he developed his skills in AutoCAD, and asset management (including the maintenance of asset databases, conducting safety inspections, and providing advice on maintenance of local government assets such as buildings, roads, paths and bridges). Bojan also developed expertise in XP Storm while working for the City of Stirling for approximately 3 years in a drainage design role, also producing catchment plans, feasibility studies and cost estimates. In this role Bojan was solely responsible for design and drafting of stormwater improvements to existing networks. And that was all while completing his degree!

After graduating, Bojan joined McConnell Dowell as a graduate site engineer in a project management role, where he was responsible for a multitude of engineering-type tasks (think the issuing of excavation permits and maintaining service plans, compiling weekly progress reports for the earthworks team, cost coding subcontractors time to relevant budgets and managing some sub-contractors to name but a few!).

One of Bojan’s great passions is fishing (in addition to camping, travelling and football (the original soccer kind)) and he is always up for new experiences and meeting new people to share stories with. Maybe an Essential Environmental team building/camping weekend on a river somewhere is in order, and Bojan can catch our dinner, as well as ensuring we don’t park our tents in a place where it floods!

If you would like to learn more about the rest of the Essential Environmental team, please check our Staff page to read the profiles of all our team members.