National Water Week! 18th – 24th October 2015 (we’re going back to the future!!)


National Water Week is back again for 2015, starting Monday next week 18th October and running until Friday 24th October! The theme for this year is INNOVATION. Which is very timely given that the week happens to coincide with BACK TO THE FUTURE DAY (Wednesday October 21st 2015 in case you had not seen that most incredible of 80s movies) and all time favourite invention – the hoverboard (see below).

It’s time.

But back to the main story –  National Water Week makes a splash (yes, a splash) across Australia inspiring individuals, communities and organisations to work together to build community awareness and understanding around water issues and opportunities for growth and innovation. It provides an opportunity to remind ourselves and teach others that water must be used wisely if there is to be enough to meet the needs of our future generations.

While the week is dedicated to encouraging communities to take action to protect our vital water sources, it’s also a celebration of innovation and water achievements that have and will contribute to Australia’s sustainable future. After all, everyone needs water, every day (and did you know that the dual flush toilet was developed by an Australian innovator??).  AWA_NWW2015_Innovation_Poster

There’s a tonne of activities scheduled during and around National Water Week including (click on the title for links to more information):

So get in on the action, attend an event and find out a bit more about the water industry and what it is doing to improve sustainable water use in Australia!

And perhaps in the course of INNOVATION science will finally deliver those Hoverboards they promised us – and they better work over water this time!

Hey Science! Where are those hoverboards we were promised in 1985??

Hey Science! Where are those hoverboards we were promised in 1985??