National Biodiversity Month! (& other essential dates in September)

Hey you! Did you know it's National Biodiversity Month in September?!

Hey you! Did you know it’s National Biodiversity Month in September?!

Do you keep a diary? Did you know about all the cool environmental goings on this in this ninth month of the Gregorian calendar?

Well stick these essential environmental dates in there:

1 – 30 September: National Biodiversity Month  – Biodiversity Month is recognised by the Australian Government’s Department of Environment in September each year to promote the importance of protecting, conserving and improving biodiversity both within Australia and across the world. Please start quietly humming the Lion King’s Circle of Life to yourself while considering this.

15 September: Explore it live forum – get your self to Queensland this September to hear more about how Water Sensitive Urban Design, Nature Play and adult health and fitness come together. Four presenters (Andrew Neighbour, Kurt Martin, Matt Rutley, and Jack Mullaly) hosted by Healthy Waterways will share their hard earned knowledge, then join forces in a panel session to nut out how we can make great places for kids and adults alike with water at their core (RSVP by 7th September here:


18 – 20 September: Clean Up the World Weekend – Our planet. Our backyard. Our responsibility! Organised each year on the third weekend of September by Founder of Clean Up Australia/Clean Up the World and successful yachtsman, Ian Kiernan, in partnership with the United Nations Environment Programme, this weekend is dedicated to encouraging local action through your community, school business or local government. It can involve whatever you want in your local area – general clean ups, tree plantings or organising activities to raise environmental awareness!


So what are you waiting for folks?? Go get amongst it, do your bit and clean up the world!