Merry Christmas from Essential Environmental!

The start of the party

The Essential Environmental team decided to round out 2012 and celebrate the upcoming Christmas holidays by taking an excursion into Fremantle, and unluckily for those regular public transport commuters – catch a public train together. A walk down to Little Creatures Brewery began a wonderful afternoon of eating, drinking, swapping secret santa presents and generally being very merry. A few beers/glasses of wine, and pizzas later saw the group move on and accost an unsuspecting victim selling reindeer antlers for charity. Some team members were more willing than others to keep the antlers on, but in the end, team spirit won out.

Another wander down to the Norfolk Hotel saw Superman also win that afternoon.


Superman gets lucky

The team finally decided to leave Freo by getting to the train station in style (and laziness) via human-powered rickshaws – definitely one of the highlights of the evening, with antlers flying in the breeze!


Sustainable transport

Flying antlers

Flying antlers

Another louder and more terrifying ride for train commuters later rounded the Christmas Party off back in Leederville where half the group were let into The Garden but were subsequently told by management that the antlers had to be removed for some sort of anti-holiday spirit purposes.

However, a great time was had by all and everyone made it home one way or another with (surprisingly) no loss of secret santa presents by any team member! We all felt that Kelly’s melting snowman present accurately represented the stages of the afternoon and evening.

The beginning of the melty end

The beginning of the melty end

Finally, the Essential Environmental team would like to end the year by shouting out a huge ‘Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!’ to everyone in the blogosphere! Stay safe everyone and look forward to providing you with our latest stories and thoughts in 2013!