Introducing Urbaqua’s newest recruit

Urbaqua has recently added one new team member to our ranks.

Yingying Shi is our new Graduate Environmental Scientist. Yingying had her Doctoral degree related to Water Resource Management.

Yingying proposed that the integration of distributed physical model, high resolution, space representation, localized database, multi-level spatial discretization and overall parameter optimization were essential for refinement modelling. The refinement model she developed was efficiently validated and applied in the interval basins of the Three Gorges Reservoir, and results outputted from the Basin-scale, HRU-level, and township-level scale, to comprehensively elucidate the Non-Point Source (NPS) pollution characteristics, and to identify crucial periods and areas for NPS pollution generation.

Along with environmental science, Yingying loves dancing very much (zumba, latin dance, jazz…) in her spare time. And to her colleague’s delight, she is addicted to making dumplings~~~~~

During her time at Urbaqua, Yingying has gained experience in urban water management in accordance with Western Australia’s Better Urban Water Management guidelines to facilitate residential, commercial, and industrial development. Yingying has also undertaken water quality sampling, river condition assessments and Geographic Information Systems analysis and mapping.

Please contact us at if you would like any more information on how the Urbaqua team can help you!