Introducing our latest engineering import (and quiz night assassin): Ross Perrigo


Introducing our latest acquisition: Ross Perrigo, Environmental Engineer and quiz night assassin

Essential Environmental has had the good fortune to recently acquire the talents of a brilliant Senior Engineer into our team: Ross Perrigo.

Ross has ten years’ experience working as an Environmental Engineer in a number of consultancies, primarily specialising in urban water management and hydrology. Ross has consulted on projects in the urban development, infrastructure and resource industries across Western Australia including in the Metropolitan Area, Peel, South West, Great Southern, Mid-West and Pilbara regions. Ross is also a co-author of Chapter 9 (Structural Controls) of the Department of Water’s Stormwater Management Manual.

As well as having extensive experience in preparing urban water management documents in line with water sensitive urban design principles, including conceptual drainage design and site specific water management strategies (stormwater and groundwater modelling), Ross has expertise in various hydrological and hydraulic models, and GIS analysis.  He has undertaken numerous water balance investigations and floodplain modelling using MIKE FLOOD, TUFLOW, XP-STORM and HEC-RAS models.

Ross also has significant experience in geomorphological investigations of river systems to determine historical changes to sediment transport and channel form. Ross used these assessments to predict future channel morphology and determine management measures to protect infrastructure.

As well as being a self-admitted addict of instagram and lover of travel, he is most importantly most excellent at quiz nights (this is of course the main reason why he was snapped up by us, as a secret weapon to shame our fellow water professionals at the numerous annual industry quiz nights! Don’t be jealous (but you should)).

It goes without saying that the whole team is very excited to work with him and utilise his experience as part of our never-ending quest towards Perth becoming a water sensitive city and sustainable user of natural resources.

For more information on Ross, please check out his LinkedIn profile.