Call for Hydropolis papers!

Hydropolis 2015 headerStormwater WA isn’t referring to the proposed luxury underwater hotel to be located in the Persian Gulf of Dubai, but to its annual conference, to be held in April of this year in the fair city of Perth! It will be the 4th Hydropolis Conference and will be presented by both Stormwater WA (SIAWA) and New WAter Ways, and very generously hosted by the City of Canning at their conference facilities.

The theme of this year’s conference is ‘Towards a Water Sensitive City of 3.5 Million’ – clearly apt as Perth will need to start meeting the urban intensification, expansion and stormwater management challenges it faces as its population grows. The Conference will be spread over two days, with presentations from a wide range of community and industry spokespeople on building a water sensitive city of 3.5 million people.  (If you would like to find out exactly what a Water Sensitive City is, the CRC for Water Sensitive Cities is the place to go!)

A call for technical papers is officially being heralded to members of Stormwater WA, professionals and academics working in stormwater management and water sensitive urban design spaces.

Abstracts are due on 28th February 2015! Submissions can be emailed to:


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Conference themes focus on how the stormwater industry can respond to future challenges in the context of Perth’s population growth, and subjects in which technical papers will generally be considered include:

  • Infrastructure challenges of a growing population
  • Managing stormwater on small lots
  • Stormwater quality and relationships to groundwater export
  • Stormwater as a resource
  • Managing stormwater assets

SO!…… are encouraged to go and write some inspirational abstracts and submit them to Stormwater WA by 28th February (otherwise you may feel the wrath of Thor and all those other storm gods/goddesses. But worse than that, miss out on a great opportunity to share and develop ways for Perth to become a Water Sensitive City as it grows! Email for abstract submission/further information is:

Get those abstracts in before Chris Hemsworth shows his wrath!

Get those abstracts in before Chris Hemsworth displays his wrath!