BUOY oh buoy


If you’re one of those people that say BOO-eee, then you can go make friends with Ross in our office as we have distinctly different opinions as to the correct way of saying this word…….

There IS a reason for this cultural linguistic debate as we have recently deployed one of these little suckers for a stratification investigation of a couple of the lakes out at Peninsula Estate in Maylands, on behalf of the City of Bayswater.

Our resident monitoring minion Alex has been out and about in the last week or so showing off his mad kayaking skills to all the Maylands birds, while collecting temperature data from the loggers attached to our stratification rig (see the man in action below).


Mad skillz

It’s all part and parcel of all the monitoring adventures Urbaqua gets into as part of our hydrology and environmental monitoring work.

Who knows where the next adventure will take us! There have been rumblings amongst some staff as to the purchase of a drone….purely to record the condition of foreshore vegetation of course….. although it may just be a pipe dream to invest in such a ‘toy’ – Helen and Shelley will probably need a bit more convincing yet!


What’s goin’ on over here?? This is our turf!

(Thanks for the awesome photos Ross! They mostly make up for how you probably pronounce buoy.)