A LEG(O)end walks amongst us!

Recognise one of these minifigs? (Source: Instagram https://www.instagram.com/p/B-7CYnJjwi0/)

And now for a less depressing, non-COVID-19 post to end your week!

If you’re like the rest of us staying in at home most nights, you might find yourself watching a bit more telly than usual. You might even find yourself watching more reality TV. And if you are guilty as such, for the next couple of months you will even see an Urbaqua engineer turned reality TV legend on Channel 9!

Alex and his teammate Jackson are competing to become Australia’s next LEGO MASTERS! (Source: 9NOW https://9now.nine.com.au/lego-masters/jackson-and-alex)

Yes, it turns out our very own environmental engineer Alex Towler took a suspiciously large amount of leave last year for a pretty good reason – he’s good with bricks and in the running to become Australia’s next LEGO MASTER.

So the rest of us in the ‘office’ are currently trying to convince Alex to build a minifig scale rain garden or multitude other Water Sensitive Urban Design systems for us NLPs (Non Lego People – official LEGO terminology – it’s a thing), now that we know how good he is!

In the meantime, end your Friday with a Fri-yay by checking out every LEGO explosion from last week’s challenge in slow-mo (look for Alex and Jackson’s Wild West Heist exploding in a cloud of chalk):